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agile + reliable

You have to deliver releases to a specific point in time (due-date) and you want to keep your agility? Then Buffer Management could be a good idea s. Reliable-Scrum

optimal work flow

You have to improve your process to further reduce work-in-process and lead times? Then the TameFlow-Boards could be an iinterestind way to focus your team s. Ultimate-Scrum

transparent order management

You have to deal with many stakeholder and they need better information (e.g. delivery dates) to optimally adjust the backlog? Then the simplified-Drum-Buffer-Rope steering mechanism could be a solution s. Simplfied Drum-Buffer-Rope

agile and project together - hybrid

You have to deal with a lot of dependencies among teams and maybe even with externals? Then thinking about agile project management is the best you could do s. agile Critical Chain Project Management

The Books (Heads) behind all this ...

Writing is important for understanding - and reading is important for personal development ...
... here just an offer of books that were written to understand the physics of flow and change!

Hyper-Productive Knowledge Work Performance

2013 "The TameFlow Approach and Its Application to Scrum and Kanban (The Tameflow Hyper-productivity)"

This book written by Steve Tendon an me really digs deep into how to build an organization that is able to reach hyper-productivity! I like most the ideas of "community of trust" and "community of purpose"

CxO Guide for Breakthrough Portfolio Performance

2013 "Applying the Best of Critical Chain, Agile, and Lean"

This book written together with Mike Hannan brings the ideas of Lean, Agile and CCPM (TOC) together and shows how big organisatzions can become agile and high performant

It's written vor CxO's so easy and fast to read and very powerful ideas

Agile Management 4.0 - Handbook for agile Practices

2017-2019 "Release 3" - yes this book is written in an agile mode - with 10 authors a huge backlog and many hours of hard work

This book is for me the best compilation of articles on the physics of agile. It's about complexit, self-organization, mind-sets, Viable System Model, TOC and CCPM and Scale

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